Assign Table Schema (assign)


This table saves information about an instance of mod_assign in a course.

assign table columns

Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
assign_grades.assignment assigrad_ass2_fk R
assign_overrides.assignid assiover_ass2_fk R
assign_plugin_config.assignment assiplugconf_ass2_fk R
assign_submission.assignment assisubm_ass3_fk R
assign_user_flags.assignment assiuserflag_ass2_fk R
assign_user_mapping.assignment assiusermapp_ass2_fk R
assignfeedback_comments.assignment assicomm_ass2_fk R
assignfeedback_file.assignment assifile_ass3_fk R
assignsubmission_file.assignment assifile_ass4_fk R
assignsubmission_onlinetext.assignment assionli_ass2_fk R
course BIGINT 19 0
name VARCHAR 255

The name of the instance of the assignment. Displayed at the top of each page.

intro LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

The description of the assignment. This field is used by feature MOD_INTRO.

introformat SMALLINT 5 0

The format of the description field of the assignment. This field is used by feature MOD_INTRO.

alwaysshowdescription TINYINT 3 0

If false the assignment intro will only be displayed after the allowsubmissionsfrom date. If true it will always be displayed.

nosubmissions TINYINT 3 0

This field is a cache for is_any_submission_plugin_enabled() which allows Moodle pages to distinguish offline assignment types without loading the assignment class.

submissiondrafts TINYINT 3 0

If true, assignment submissions will be considered drafts until the student clicks on the submit assignmnet button.

sendnotifications TINYINT 3 0

Allows the disabling of email notifications in the assign module.

sendlatenotifications TINYINT 3 0

Allows separate enabling of notifications for late assignment submissions.

duedate BIGINT 19 0

The due date for the assignment. Displayed to students.

allowsubmissionsfromdate BIGINT 19 0

If set, submissions will only be accepted after this date.

grade BIGINT 19 0

The maximum grade for this assignment. Can be negative to indicate the use of a scale.

timemodified BIGINT 19 0

The time the settings for this assign module instance were last modified.

requiresubmissionstatement TINYINT 3 0

Forces the student to accept a submission statement when submitting an assignment

completionsubmit TINYINT 3 0

If this field is set to 1, then the activity will be automatically marked as 'complete' once the user submits their assignment.

cutoffdate BIGINT 19 0

The final date after which submissions will no longer be accepted for this assignment without an extensions.

gradingduedate BIGINT 19 0

The expected date for marking the submissions.

teamsubmission TINYINT 3 0

Do students submit in teams?

requireallteammemberssubmit TINYINT 3 0

If enabled, a submission will not be accepted until all team members have submitted it.

teamsubmissiongroupingid BIGINT 19 0

A grouping id to get groups for team submissions

blindmarking TINYINT 3 0

Hide student/grader identities until the reveal identities action is performed

hidegrader TINYINT 3 0

Hide the grader's identity from students. The opposite of blind marking.

revealidentities TINYINT 3 0

Show identities for a blind marking assignment

attemptreopenmethod VARCHAR 10 none

How to determine when students are allowed to open a new submission. Valid options are none, manual, untilpass

maxattempts MEDIUMINT 7 -1

What is the maximum number of student attempts allowed for this assignment? -1 means unlimited.

markingworkflow TINYINT 3 0

If enabled, marking workflow features will be used in this assignment.

markingallocation TINYINT 3 0

If enabled, marking allocation features will be used in this assignment

sendstudentnotifications TINYINT 3 1

Default for send student notifications checkbox when grading.

preventsubmissionnotingroup TINYINT 3 0

If enabled a user will be unable to make a submission unless they are a member of a group.

Table contained -1 rows

assign table indexes

Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
assi_cou_ix Performance Asc course
assi_tea_ix Performance Asc teamsubmissiongroupingid

assign table relationships