User Table Schema (user)


One record for each person

user table columns

Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
analytics_prediction_actions.userid analpredacti_use2_fk R
assign_grades.userid Implied Constraint R
assign_overrides.userid assiover_use2_fk R
assign_submission.userid Implied Constraint R
assign_user_flags.userid assiuserflag_use2_fk R
assign_user_mapping.userid assiusermapp_use2_fk R
assignfeedback_editpdf_quick.userid assieditquic_use2_fk R
assignment_submissions.userid Implied Constraint R
auth_oauth2_linked_login.userid authoautlinklogi_use4_fk R
auth_oauth2_linked_login.usermodified authoautlinklogi_use3_fk R
backup_controllers.userid backcont_use2_fk R
badge.usercreated badg_use4_fk R
badge.usermodified badg_use3_fk R
badge_backpack.userid badgback_use2_fk R
badge_criteria_met.userid badgcritmet_use2_fk R
badge_issued.userid badgissu_use2_fk R
badge_manual_award.issuerid badgmanuawar_iss3_fk R
badge_manual_award.recipientid badgmanuawar_rec2_fk R
block_community.userid Implied Constraint R
block_recent_activity.userid Implied Constraint R
block_rss_client.userid Implied Constraint R
block_zoola_reports_schedule.userid Implied Constraint R
block_zoola_reports_user.userid bloczoolrepouser_use2_fk R
blog_external.userid blogexte_use2_fk R
chat_messages.userid Implied Constraint R
chat_messages_current.userid Implied Constraint R
chat_users.userid Implied Constraint R
choice_answers.userid Implied Constraint R
cohort_members.userid cohomemb_use2_fk R
comments.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_evidence.usercompetencyid Implied Constraint R
competency_plan.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_usercomp.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_usercompcourse.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_usercompplan.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_userevidence.userid Implied Constraint R
competency_userevidencecomp.userevidenceid Implied Constraint R
config_log.userid conflog_use2_fk R
course_completion_crit_compl.userid courcomplcritcoml_use_fk R
course_completions.userid courcompl_use_fk R
course_modules_completion.userid courmoducompl_use_fk R
data_records.userid Implied Constraint R
editor_atto_autosave.userid Implied Constraint R
enrol_flatfile.userid enroflat_use2_fk R
enrol_lti_users.userid enroltiuser_use2_fk R
enrol_paypal.userid Implied Constraint R
event.userid Implied Constraint R
event_subscriptions.userid Implied Constraint R
events_queue.userid evenqueu_use2_fk R
external_services_users.userid exteservuser_use2_fk R
external_tokens.creatorid extetoke_cre2_fk R
external_tokens.userid extetoke_use2_fk R
feedback_completed.userid Implied Constraint R
feedback_completedtmp.userid Implied Constraint R
files.userid file_use2_fk R
forum_digests.userid forudige_use2_fk R
forum_discussion_subs.userid forudiscsubs_use2_fk R
forum_discussions.userid Implied Constraint R
forum_posts.userid Implied Constraint R
forum_queue.userid Implied Constraint R
forum_read.userid Implied Constraint R
forum_subscriptions.userid Implied Constraint R
forum_track_prefs.userid Implied Constraint R
glossary_entries.userid Implied Constraint R
grade_categories_history.loggeduser gradcatehist_log2_fk R
grade_grades.userid gradgrad_use3_fk R
grade_grades.usermodified gradgrad_use4_fk R
grade_grades_history.loggeduser gradgradhist_log2_fk R
grade_grades_history.userid gradgradhist_use3_fk R
grade_grades_history.usermodified gradgradhist_use4_fk R
grade_import_newitem.importer gradimponewi_imp2_fk R
grade_import_values.importer gradimpovalu_imp2_fk R
grade_import_values.userid Implied Constraint R
grade_items_history.loggeduser graditemhist_log2_fk R
grade_outcomes.usermodified gradoutc_use2_fk R
grade_outcomes_history.loggeduser gradoutchist_log2_fk R
grading_definitions.usercreated graddefi_use4_fk R
grading_definitions.usermodified graddefi_use3_fk R
grading_instances.raterid gradinst_rat2_fk R
groups_members.userid groumemb_use2_fk R
lesson_attempts.userid Implied Constraint R
lesson_branch.userid Implied Constraint R
lesson_grades.userid Implied Constraint R
lesson_overrides.userid lessover_use2_fk R
lesson_timer.userid Implied Constraint R
local_ld_course.userid localdcour_use2_fk R
local_ld_lastactivity.userid Implied Constraint R
log.userid Implied Constraint R
logstore_standard_log.userid Implied Constraint R
lti_submission.userid Implied Constraint R
message_airnotifier_devices.userdeviceid Implied Constraint R
message_contacts.userid Implied Constraint R
message_conversation_members.userid messconvmemb_use2_fk R
message_user_actions.userid messuseracti_use2_fk R
messageinbound_messagelist.userid messmess_use2_fk R
messages.useridfrom mess_use2_fk R
mnet_log.userid Implied Constraint R
mnet_session.userid Implied Constraint R
mnetservice_enrol_enrolments.userid mnetenroenro_use2_fk R
my_pages.userid Implied Constraint R
notifications.useridto noti_use2_fk R
portfolio_instance_user.userid portinstuser_use2_fk R
portfolio_log.userid portlog_use2_fk R
portfolio_tempdata.userid porttemp_use2_fk R
post.userid Implied Constraint R
post.usermodified post_use2_fk R
question.createdby ques_cre2_fk R
question.modifiedby ques_mod2_fk R
question_attempt_steps.userid quesattestep_use2_fk R
quiz_attempts.userid quizatte_use2_fk R
quiz_grades.userid Implied Constraint R
quiz_overrides.userid quizover_use2_fk R
rating.userid rati_use2_fk R
repository_instances.userid Implied Constraint R
repository_onedrive_access.usermodified repoonedacce_use2_fk R
role_assignments.userid roleassi_use2_fk R
role_capabilities.modifierid rolecapa_mod2_fk R
role_sortorder.userid rolesort_use2_fk R
scale.userid Implied Constraint R
scale_history.loggeduser scalhist_log2_fk R
scale_history.userid Implied Constraint R
scorm_aicc_session.userid scoraiccsess_use2_fk R
scorm_scoes_track.userid Implied Constraint R
search_simpledb_index.userid Implied Constraint R
sessions.userid sess_use2_fk R
stats_user_daily.userid Implied Constraint R
stats_user_monthly.userid Implied Constraint R
stats_user_weekly.userid Implied Constraint R
survey_analysis.userid Implied Constraint R
survey_answers.userid Implied Constraint R
tag.userid tag_use2_fk R
task_adhoc.userid taskadho_use2_fk R
tool_cohortroles.userid Implied Constraint R
tool_dataprivacy_request.dpo tooldatarequ_dpo2_fk R
tool_dataprivacy_request.requestedby tooldatarequ_req2_fk R
tool_dataprivacy_request.userid tooldatarequ_use3_fk R
tool_dataprivacy_request.usermodified tooldatarequ_use4_fk R
tool_monitor_history.userid Implied Constraint R
tool_monitor_rules.userid Implied Constraint R
tool_monitor_subscriptions.userid Implied Constraint R
tool_policy_acceptances.userid toolpoliacce_use3_fk R
tool_policy_acceptances.usermodified toolpoliacce_use4_fk R
tool_policy_versions.usermodified toolpolivers_use2_fk R
upgrade_log.userid upgrlog_use2_fk R
user_devices.userid userdevi_use2_fk R
user_enrolments.modifierid userenro_mod2_fk R
user_enrolments.userid userenro_use2_fk R
user_info_data.userid userinfodata_use_fk R
user_lastaccess.userid Implied Constraint R
user_password_history.userid userpasshist_use2_fk R
user_password_resets.userid userpassrese_use2_fk R
user_preferences.userid Implied Constraint R
user_private_key.userid userprivkey_use2_fk R
wiki_locks.userid Implied Constraint R
wiki_pages.userid Implied Constraint R
wiki_subwikis.userid Implied Constraint R
wiki_versions.userid Implied Constraint R
workshop_aggregations.userid workaggr_use2_fk R
workshop_assessments.gradinggradeoverby workasse_gra2_fk R
workshop_assessments.reviewerid workasse_rev2_fk R
workshop_submissions.authorid worksubm_aut2_fk R
workshop_submissions.gradeoverby worksubm_gra2_fk R
auth VARCHAR 20 manual
confirmed BIT 0 0
policyagreed BIT 0 0
deleted BIT 0 0
suspended BIT 0 0

suspended flag prevents users to log in

mnethostid BIGINT 19 0
username VARCHAR 100
password VARCHAR 255
idnumber VARCHAR 255
firstname VARCHAR 100
lastname VARCHAR 100
email VARCHAR 100
emailstop BIT 0 0
icq VARCHAR 15
skype VARCHAR 50
yahoo VARCHAR 50
aim VARCHAR 50
msn VARCHAR 50
phone1 VARCHAR 20
phone2 VARCHAR 20
institution VARCHAR 255
department VARCHAR 255
address VARCHAR 255
city VARCHAR 120
country VARCHAR 2
lang VARCHAR 30 en
calendartype VARCHAR 30 gregorian
theme VARCHAR 50
timezone VARCHAR 100 99
firstaccess BIGINT 19 0
lastaccess BIGINT 19 0
lastlogin BIGINT 19 0
currentlogin BIGINT 19 0
lastip VARCHAR 45
secret VARCHAR 15
picture BIGINT 19 0

0 means no image uploaded, positive values are revisions thta prevent caching problems, negative values are reserved for future use

url VARCHAR 255
description LONGTEXT 2147483647 null
descriptionformat TINYINT 3 1
mailformat BIT 0 1
maildigest BIT 0 0
maildisplay TINYINT 3 2
autosubscribe BIT 0 1
trackforums BIT 0 0
timecreated BIGINT 19 0
timemodified BIGINT 19 0
trustbitmask BIGINT 19 0
imagealt VARCHAR 255 null

alt tag for user uploaded image

lastnamephonetic VARCHAR 255 null

Last name phonetic

firstnamephonetic VARCHAR 255 null

First name phonetic

middlename VARCHAR 255 null

Middle name

alternatename VARCHAR 255 null

Alternate name - Useful for three-name countries.

Table contained -1 rows

user table indexes

Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
user_alt_ix Performance Asc alternatename
user_aut_ix Performance Asc auth
user_cit_ix Performance Asc city
user_con_ix Performance Asc confirmed
user_cou_ix Performance Asc country
user_del_ix Performance Asc deleted
user_ema_ix Performance Asc email
user_fir2_ix Performance Asc firstnamephonetic
user_fir_ix Performance Asc firstname
user_idn_ix Performance Asc idnumber
user_las2_ix Performance Asc lastaccess
user_las3_ix Performance Asc lastnamephonetic
user_las_ix Performance Asc lastname
user_mid_ix Performance Asc middlename
user_mneuse_uix Must be unique Asc/Asc mnethostid + username

user table relationships